BASE Jumping is the vehicle that drives the story in KISS THE SKY.

BASE Jumping is skydiving, but not from a plane. Instead, it's a leap from a building or a bridge, a cliff or - a radio tower.

Lemoine is a late night radio story teller who signs off his show with "Parachute Woman"* by the Rolling Stones.

Cali is a BASE Jumper, a fatal beauty who free falls from top of his station's radio tower; to stick her landing in the headlights of Lemoine's oncoming car.

Inspired by true events, their story is a spiral into romantic obsession, adrenalized emotions and truth or dare sex, with death lurking in the wings.

Written for the screen by Steve Brodeur
*Click to pull the rip chord on the Stones "Parachute Woman" >

"Parachute Woman, land on me tonight..."


Lemoine - Ryan Gosling / Cali - Margo Robbie / Van Ex - Ben Foster / Tanzo - Adam Driver